Commercial, Scientific and Logistics support

Are you looking to expand into the UK or a UK based start-up looking for advice on establishing operations?

Expanding into a new geographical region such as the UK can be complex. There are many areas a business will need advice on to ensure their operations run smoothly and compliantly from day one.  It can therefore be difficult to know where to start and who to speak to first. 

key areas

The Health Science Business Gateway provides a single point of contact to access a comprehensive network of businesses for specialist advice and support in key areas such as:

Do you have questions about doing Business or Research in the UK?

Are you a life sciences company trying to understand the regulatory system?

Need a full explanation into NICE and how that affects your product?

Do you know what evidence you require to get your drug on the Drug tariff?

Are you trying to understand the various entry points into the NHS?

Are you aware of what type of legal entity you require for UK and European product release?

Are you looking to explore reimbursement in the UK?

Do you want to know how to work with the UK’s science base?

………or Something else?

Would you Like a Further Discussion?

Everything starts with a complimentary, “no-strings” conversation: